6 Simple Digital Marketing Hacks to increase Website traffic in Australia

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Are you seeing a dip in the number of visitors to your site? How can you consistently improve your user interaction? If the answer is yes, then you have come to the right place. As the leading Digital Marketing Agency in Australia, we have extensive research on how to organically improve website traffic. This has enabled us to develop and implement effective strategies that help our clients. One of the notable aspects of these trends and techniques is that they are consistently evolving. Companies no longer have the option of becoming comfortable or waiting for the method to work. They will have to undertake proactive measures to keep up with the competition.

Why should businesses need Digital Marketing Hacks?

In the yesteryears, most small business owners’ primary concern was the need for a website. People were split about the significance of this new marketing medium. Though experts predicted it to be the following most significant change, a fair percentage of the companies were not convinced about it. However, the concern has recently been regarding how to enhance the user experience. Companies are on the lookout for effective ways to improve website traffic. These hacks have proven to be quite effective in improving site visibility in 2024.

Local SEO Optimization

Search Engine Optimization plays a paramount role in increasing the Search Engine Rank. However, it is imperative to focus on Local optimization to connect with the potential target group. This can be done through

Opt for Google My Business – Businesses can add a GMB listing with their name, address, phone number and website. Adding high-quality pictures and responding to reviews is imperative as it will boost visibility.  

Target Relevant Keyword: Companies will research and implement local keywords such as Digital Marketing Agency Australia or Digital Marketing Company Australia to attract organic traffic.  

Optimise Website content: Another essential requirement in this segment is that companies should add information about the local landmarks, history and culture to connect with the customers.  

Customised Content Marketing Strategies 

Content has become an essential aspect of all marketing campaigns. However, it is no longer enough to create quality content. Digital Marketing Agencies Australia focus on developing personalized content to connect with the readers.  

Create Localised Blog Content – The primary step would be to create relevant topics based on local trends, events and other unique avenues related to the region. Companies can understand the local challenges and provide potential solutions.  

Partner with local influencers – Small Businesses can also partner with personalities or bloggers in the region to get a wider reach.  

Leverage Video Content: Australians love engaging video content. This would be an ideal way to establish a connection.  

Focus on Social Media Engagement 

Over 80% of smartphone users are active in at least one or two social media platforms. Companies can utilize this interest to connect with their potential target group.  

Focus on relevant Platforms: People will have to look for pertinent platforms that are popular in the region. Purplesoft will also help companies to know more about customer behaviour and help plan effective campaigns.  

Run targeted ad campaigns: The company will utilize platform-specific ad targeting options and help reach a geographically specific audience.  

Post engaging and shareable content: Customers love to share interesting information. Companies must create visually appealing and attractive content to garner maximum visibility.  

Email Marketing Campaigns  

Emails are an effective way of connecting with the potential target group. Companies can create email campaigns to engage with their customers.  

Segment Email by Target audience: A bulk email campaign might not necessarily provide the expected results. Small businesses must segment the customers based on their interests and demographics. 

Offer location-specific promotions: Companies can also offer exclusive deals and incentives to specific cities and events in Australia. This can be instead of the local trends and events.  

Personalize: Customers love personalisation, which would be an ideal way to connect with them. Companies can address them with their names or even reference local happenings.  

Mobile-First Approach 

A fair percentage of people use their smartphones to browse for information. This means that the companies will have to focus on mobile optimization.  

Develop mobile-friendly sites: Leading Digital Marketing Agencies like Purplesoft help clients develop compatible websites across all devices. This means optimising the website design and improving all mediums’ loading speed.  

Utilise mobile-specific marketing channels: We help clients leverage location-based push notifications to reach their target audience.  

Leverage User Generated Content 

User-generated content (UGC) encourages users to share their opinions or positively engage in the client’s social media forums. This increases the brand visibility and also enhances lead generation capabilities.  

Ask for customer reviews and testimonials: Companies can ask their customers to share reviews and experiences in the online forums.  This will improve the credibility of the brand.  

Encourage User interactions: Businesses can also develop interactive content by rewarding participants with prizes or shout-outs. They can also showcase customers using their products or services to demonstrate value.  

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