How much does it cost to hire a social media marketing company?

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It is no news that social media marketing in 2020 is super important, especially after the events of this year. Man, Covid changed our lives didn’t it? So obviously social media marketing played a huge role.

As a business you want to be seen and known, Instagram, Facebook and titok are where it’s at. Especially tiktok! The app was a great source of fun for a bunch of us and I personally got involved in a few challenges particularly the savage dance.

So, to what brought you here…how much does it all cost? Honestly depends but let’s break it down for you easily

  • The size of the business
  • Goals set
  • What social platform you want to use
  • Agency experience level
  • How much time you are looking to spend on an online campaign. (This is an important one)

Before we begin, it must be understood that the below-mentioned prices are just the average and every agency differs and charges differently according to their ideals and specialties. Agencies with inexperienced and unqualified staff have a habit of delaying your marketing efforts and keep hidden costs that add up later and cost you more.

So Here Are The Basics Explained Below:

Facebook Marketing

Facebook has the ability to connect businesses and audiences by forming an authentic relationship. Not to mention, it is also the largest social marketplace in Australia.

It is important to understand that Facebook marketing is more than advertisements. When done right facebook has the ability to reach the right market and have the ability to gain organic reach. The content released is controlled and with specific goals in mind.

Facebook marketing doesn’t consist of simply setting up a page. It’s management also consists of running your Ad campaigns, business manager and connecting with other channels.

Asking a Facebook expert, who is experienced in not just setting up but also bringing in views might cost between $2500-$5000 per month, depending on what you as a business choose.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram marketing is competitive, but not impossible and with an advertising audience of more than 1.16 billion people, Instagram offers insane reach for brands with visually appealing content that someone wants to click immediately.

Being that it’s a predominately visual platform, photographs and videography need to be done by the right people. It is also important to figure out how your business would benefit through instagram.

Are you going to use the story feature?

If you are an E-commerce business, are you going to bring your entire catalogue to instagram shop?

As a business owner, it is crucially important to figure out these questions before setting up.

A basic instagram costs between $800-$2100 and more even depending on what you want to achieve and the ad content. If using expert companies, it is possible to interlink instagram with facebook for more traffic to your business.

Tik Tok And The Market

Tik tok blew up in 2020 especially because of covid and lockdown. People have used TikTok as an innovative platform to be interactive and even introductory to their customers.

Although very new, if your market is determined to be young people, then you might ask, why not?

Tiktok might use the same formula but there are specificities that are unique to it. TikTok help might cost somewhere between xxx – xxx

It's Not Just Facebook And Instagram:

Social media platforms have always been online tents for businesses to showcase their services and platforms. There are various other platforms like Linkedin, Twitter and many other niche platforms as well. If you are willing to place your business in some of the other channels as well, it is crucial to plan out how your business would benefit from them.

With such different prices, you can decide on the various available choices that you believe would benefit your business in the long-run.

If you want to know what social media platform would benefit your business, talk to our experts in a no-charge 15 minutes session.

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