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Technologists. Digital Mavericks. Looking to upend the status quo.

About Us

Technologists. Digital Mavericks. Looking to upend the status quo.

At Purplesoft, an award-winning digital marketing agency, we’re a team of digital marketing enthusiasts who make sure to never compromise on the work we do.

Using the latest technologies, methods and means, we tirelessly work to elevate your business to greater heights. After all, you’re the reason we exist in the first place.

As a complete digital marketing services provider, we ensure that you get all related services right from us. This means you don’t have to run from pillar to post in order to get things done.

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Taymor Mohseni


As Co-Founder of Purplesoft, Taymor is a seasoned consultant who’s built his own companies using digital strategies & bespoke software. Due to his commercial background, Taymor has an analytical approach to his engagements. He has a great passion in scaling companies by providing tangible value at the onset. Taymor started his career in accounting, then shifted into project management while earning some IT certifications. He’s worked in the tech startup space, SMB and enterprise in Australia & USA. He enjoys traveling and experiencing different cultures

Solomon Mohseni


As Co-Founder of Purplesoft’s US division, Solomon Mohseni is a hands-on leader, engaging closely with clients to provide direction and guidance to the ever-changing needs of their business. Solomon is a 10-year veteran in the technology industry and gained a deep knowledge of both the software and data sectors while serving in business development at LinkedIn and Uber.

Outside of work, Solomon is passionate about sports, film, traveling, and living a healthy lifestyle.

Abdul Hafiz

Abdul Hafiz

Purplesoft was named one of Anthill Magazine’s Top 100 Coolest Companies in Australia in 2018 and is also a finalist in the 2019 Australian Small Business Champion Awards. Keen to keep growing, Abdul recently Launched Purplesoft in USA along with his amazing co founders Taymor and Solomon .Abdul loves hearing people’s stories and believes that he can learn something new from everybody he meets.

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