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Google is positively teaming with prospects. Every moment thousands of searchers are looking for businesses like yours! We help to bring you to the forefront of customer attention.

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PPC Description

Competition on the web is cut-throat, and unless you target the right demographic, you’re likely to remain behind.

Pay-per-click advertising can be a powerful instrument for driving quality traffic to your website. Using PPC, you can gain prime real estate on the Google SERPs and increase your business’ visibility.

It must be remembered that when you’re playing the PPC game, it’s essential to optimise your campaign and target the right crowd. When every click costs money, converting those into real sales is essential.

At Purplesoft, we create PPC campaigns that are geared towards the crowd with the right intent. With us, you stand to gain profits with every click.

The Truth About Google Ads

Google Ads doesn’t just mean you’re limited to the search results! In fact, with Google Ads, you stand to leverage the whole of the Google Ads Network and garner the advantage of smashing leads and sales. Let’s break it down for you so that you can get a complete picture of how Google advertising works.
The Google search network helps your business by allowing you to display text ads to searchers when they search for keywords that are relevant to your business. The place that you occupy on the search results is decided by a dynamic online auction where you bid and pay for each click that you rake up. The cost per click is determined by a bevy of factors such as ad relevance, website, and landing page performance and bids put in by the competition.
If you’re a product-based business, then you can take advantage of the Google Shopping Network. Using the Google Merchant Center, you can upload a full catalog of your products from your website to Google. This way, your product titles, and descriptions become keywords against which the ads are triggered. And the best part? You get to display your product images and prices to the customers before paying a single penny! This means that when someone does click through to your website, their intent is already geared towards purchase.
The GDN comprises Google partner websites that have entered into an agreement with Google to display advertisements on their websites. On the GDN you can target where your ads are shown by matching your customer requirements with the content of the websites where the ads are displayed. Using the Google Display Network, you can garner immense amounts of impressions and get more leads and sales.
Ever been dogged around the internet by the website you’ve just visited? If you just answered yes, then that means you’ve experienced Google remarketing. Remarketing is a simple process in which a browser is given a piece of code, using which you can track prospects and display interest-specific ads. By tracking customer actions on your site, you can optimize the ads that are shown to your visitors once they leave your site. Remarketing is a great tool that lets you stay on top of the customer’s mind.
Google voice search helps you to leverage the power of the internet and combine it with speech recognition for added ease of use. Already, a majority of internet searches come from voice-based sources. It’s estimated that in the future voice is going to form the crux of the search ecosystem. We help you leverage the power of voice search and include conversational searches in your ads strategy.


We make sure that they do. In fact, we help your business get prepared for it. We analyse your business and create a custom strategy that works for you. Then we set up an extremely targeted and extremely focused Paid ads strategy which ensures that you’re only paying for traffic that actually converts.

During our very first meetup, we help to establish the parameters for measuring your success. After we get a sense of what your business goals are, we’ll set specific targets to lead you to those goals. We also provide you with detailed reports that have been customised for your needs. In short, we’re accountable to you in every way.

Unlike traditional advertising, the great thing about Paid ads is that your budget can scale according to your business needs. If you’re just starting out on a campaign, you even have the option to begin for as little as $5 a day.

Based on how aggressively you want to campaign, the amount of competition, and the number of search phrases you want to appear for, we help you settle on a daily budget that’s just right for you.

There’s no set answer to this question actually. Truth is, you should always take care to run your campaign for as long as your business is running.
Your ads display location will be based on the goals that you’ve set for your campaign. A campaign that targets Google search keywords will display ads on Google SERPs based on the terms entered by your target searcher.

We work with you as company insiders for improving your Paid Ads campaigns. Our ads managers are always available to take your calls and answer any questions that you might have.

What’s more, we also take into account your campaign performance and make dynamic adjustments accordingly. Plus, you’ll also receive weekly customized reports that give you a complete breakdown of your campaign metrics.

When it comes to Paid Ads, we’re ready to take your business to the next level! Just get in touch with us at contact number and we’ll get to work. And if you want to know more about our pricing structure, then just click here.

  • You choose the right package after setting goals and budgets.
  • We get on board with your ads account or create a new one if needed.
  • We design the details of your campaign according to your needs.
  • After your approval, we launch your campaign and begin monitoring parameters.
  • Through regular campaign optimization and reporting, we ensure you get the best result every step of the way.
PPC is meant for businesses that:
  • Businesses that already have a consistent sales stream. Unless you already have a steady sales stream, you should try out organic methods of lead procurement before going for PPC.
  • Businesses that can at least invest $1000 a month. To get enough output, you need enough input.
  • Businesses that can stay the course for at least three months. Without time, you won’t get the right results. Be patient and stay on point, so that your campaigns can be fine-tuned to perfection.

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