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Let’s face the facts – time is of the most essential to your online success.

You wait too long you lose; be too impatient you lose

Timing is absolutely everything. You need to get in front of the right audience at the right time or else your business is bound to suffer.

Online success and profit cannot be fit into one simple channel. You need various roots, after all they all offer different ways to reach success.You need a multi-channel approach to guarantee conversions

Although greatly appealing, businesses cannot simply rely on them and wait in front of the computer while money is being spent. You need a smart way to get rapid results.

Confusing right??


There’s hope yet! Using Google Ads.

Google Ads do sound daunting and many business owners are sceptical about it, but it is through the careful manipulation of this platform can you, as a business get quick results, fast returns, and immediate responses.

Without Google Ads in its digital repertoire, a 21st-century business cannot hope to survive.

Today, we’re going to discuss why Google Ads are so essential to the online success of a business and how when done right it is the boon to your business.

Faster Results

Yes, this has been previously mentioned but I cannot stress this enough, the most visible benefit of using Google Ads in your online efforts is its hyper rapid results

Sure a good SEO is needed to build a solid online presence, but you need to be consistent for a few months at the very least before you start reaping the benefits for all your efforts.

Not so much with Google Ads. When you set up and advertise on the Ads platform, you begin to see results immediately.

With Google featuring Ads at the very top of the search engine results page (SERP), using them increases the chances of more relevant and organic visits to your website.

This helps to enhance a business’s online visibility to the right people and create brand exposure that’s bound to resonate with a larger market audience.

Enhanced Campaign Flexibility


The biggest problem that businesses face when growing on the internet is that of switching tracks. That is where Google ads vary lightyears apart from the others.

It provides businesses with unmatched flexibility and ease.

Your Ad Campaigns can be readjusted with a few clicks, and budgets can be scaled as per your requirements also in just a few clicks.

And if you find that something works perfectly for you, then you can invest more into that particular one to gain more.

Easy Measurability

When it comes to marketing avenues such as SEO and social media, the biggest problem that businesses face is that of measurability. Other channels make it tough to track which marketing move led to success. It takes time and effort on your part to find your specific market and speciality.

PPC (fancier term for google ads) on the other hand, is inherently measurable. Every step that you take in your PPC can be tracked, recorded, and quantified.

With this knowledge you can incorporate later into your SEO and social media as well. Such detailed tracking provides the opportunity for easy scaling and adjusting marketing efforts to your advantage.

So, here’s a small tip: it’s essential to measure every step and make decisions accordingly. With its detailed metrics and clear analytics properties, Google Ads gives you the opportunity to do just that.

Fluid Testing


Fluid testing comes after the above is satisfied. As every step on Google Ads is measurable, this means you can test different advertising elements for efficiency.

From ad copy, images and landing pages, everything can be tried, tested, and enhanced to improve performance.

What’s more, testing and adjusting campaign parameters allows your business to keep up with market changes. As customer habits and preferences shift, a business needs to evolve along with it. Continued testing and evaluation allow you to achieve just that.

Final Words

Google is the largest search engine on the planet. This makes the Google Ads platform the largest PPC player in terms of sheer reach. With the right key phrases and pinpoint keywords, you would be amazed to see the amount of relevant leads you are offered.

It is highly important that you as a small business owner do not cast a vast keyword net so as to get all types of traffic to your website. It is important to know what strategies to use, and what specific long and short tail keywords to use.

Don’t worry, if it’s still daunting. Our expert Google Ads professionals can help to take your Ads efforts to greater heights. For easy Google Ads help, fill out your detail to hear from our Ads expert.

About the writer

Keerthana Ravindran, has been an internet marketing consultant with Purplesoft and has gone to the depths of the internet to understand the full spectrum that is digital marketing.

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