What can small businesses do when big tech giants fight With each other?

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It's Time You Have All The Information!!!!

We all know how the online world works right now. Online marketing has become a rather necessary need for small businesses. At the same time, we as individuals crave for more animosity and privacy.

That is what Facebook and Apple have been fighting about

Lately, Facebook and Apple have been in a battle for their customers information on the internet.

It is no secret Facebook collects data of its users and uses it for advertising purposes.

Apple in response to that have decided to induce a pop up describing a sort of ‘nutritional mark up’ of the data various apps are collecting from their users.

People tend to either click on your image if it stands out and looks interesting or if it blends in with the rest of your feed. It is heavily advised that businesses choose in accordance with their audience to get the best results.

Another key details that marketers seem to forget is the relevance of your image to your content or your offer. Whether you are consumer based or more business oriented, if your visual doesn’t corelate with the rest of your ad, that would just send your audience spiralling away.

How Does This Affect The Individual?

To be fair, if you have been relying on personalised ads for your shopping needs, unless you agree for your data to be used, you will get all sorts of unfiltered ads.

More privacy on the internet! When all of us are scrambling towards more privacy online now, we might be given a glimpse of hope with this new upgrade.

How Does This Affect Your Business?

For starters, Facebook’s crusade against Apple is the fact that if we stop getting data, it would only be large-scale corporations that have autonomy on advertisements and not small businesses.

True, unless users opt for data sharing, facebook/other such apps will not have data, and without the data facebook ads will get harder without choosing specific descriptions and interests groups.

What Can Be Done?

It’s in the interest of both companies to resolve this, and it honestly wouldn’t take much to do so.

Apple can modify its permission dialog to something more reflective of reality.

This, for example:

Allow anonymous ad-tracking?

Advertisers won’t know who you are, but you’ll see ads based on the websites you visit. This helps app developers and websites as they get paid more for personalized ads. You can make this choice for each app you use, allowing some and refusing others.

That is an accurate description of IDFA and means consumers see the whole picture. They are much more likely to respond thoughtfully, rather than automatically refusing permission.

Would you like to see this approach?

Wondering how you as a small business can get the best out of these changes?

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